R. Kelly Loses Sexual Abuse Case After Failing To Show Up To Court-Says He Was ‘Overwhelmed’

RKelly has been fighting so many legal battles its been hard to keep track. In the latest case he was set to show up to court for, R. Kelly flaked on his appearance, causing him to lose the ongoing battle.

According to TMZ,  R Kelly was set to appear in Cook County Circuit Court for allegations that he sexually abused now 36-year-old Heather Williams when she was just 16.

Back in February, Heather had R Kelly served with the legal documents while he was in jail for failing to pay child support. R Kelly’s attorney, Brian Nix, says this pushed him to the edge and caused him to be ‘overwhelmed’ with all of his legal issues.

“R. Kelly was served while incarcerated on the child support case and he was overwhelmed by the experience of being in jail,” Nix said.

Heather Williams won the judgement by default and Nix is now working to get the ruling overturned.

“Being overwhelmed coupled with Mr. Kelly not being cognizant of what the motion fully meant led to him missing the hearing,” Nix said. “I had no idea he had been served.”

If Nix cannot get the judgment reversed, R Kelly could be ordered to pay damages in a hearing set for next month, where Heather will be expected to testify about the allegations against him.

R Kelly is now facing 10 counts of aggravated criminal sexual abuse involving four separate alleged victims. The case states that three of the four victims were underage at the time.

Cook Country prosecutors allege that R Kelly had his manager approach Heather in a restaurant as she celebrated her 16th birthday. The two began contacting one another regularly and were involved in a sexual relationship.

Heather insists she was not able to determine the typeof relationship she should have had with R Kelly at the time because she was a child. She also accuses R Kelly of causing her emotional distress.

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