Looks like the tables have turned on K Michelle! The singer is known for her throw downs on #LHH but it looks like K finally met her match y’all.

According to The Jasmine Brand, K is allegedly threatening to call the cops on her old assistant Paris Phillips, who’s also a cast member on the show, after she allegedly put the paws on K.

Sources told the site that the ladies were filming a scene and things just went left. They were apparently talking about the situation that happened three years ago, where K accused Paris of using her Uber account without asking her and ended up getting hit with a $50 bill.


“Paris allegedly tossed a drink at her and threw a plastic cup toward her head. Before the situation could escalate any further, security intervened. We’re told that they had to halt production over the situation.”

Sources also told the site that K is allegedly threatening to file a police report and wants Paris off the show.

“It’s surprising that she wants to get the law involved when for seasons she’s tried to attack people on the show. She’s already attempted to fight another cast mate on camera this season. But now she wants to take legal action?”

Looks like this episode is going to be an interesting one.

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