Did Maisie Williams Just Drop A Blood-Spattered Game Of Thrones Finale Spoiler??

When you play the Game Of Thrones, you win or you die. And as the series finale approaches, everyone is dying to know who wins!

So far the actors have been pretty tight-lipped about the entire season, though filming schedules have worried fans…

For instance, Emilia Clarke wrapped weeks ago, leading many to wonder if their Khaleesi is departing the series early!

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Now Arya Stark herself has finally wrapped, and her goodbye post has viewers SQUEALING!

Ch-ch-check out the bloody Instagram pic (below):

OMG whose blood is that? Is it Arya’s? Or someone else on her list..?

We can safely assume she slipped into her sneakers to walk home from set and just kept dripping — which means quite a lot of red-dyed corn syrup!

The “last woman standing” comment could mean she’s the last to live — and her pal Sophie Turner gets cut down before the last episode. *gasp*

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Or it could simply refer to being the last female lead on set.

These things are not always shot in sequence, so it could even be an earlier scene. Pedro Pascal‘s final scene was not fighting The Mountain but having a relaxing seaside talk with Cersei for an earlier episode. (After which he stripped and jumped into the ocean!)

We’ll just let the theories run rampant and simply say for our money…

Congratulations on an AMAZING performance, Maisie!

[Image via HBO/YouTube.]

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